About us

Our social mission at RefConf is to contribute to enhancing and sharing knowledge by prioritizing virtual and hybrid events, aiming to overcome geographical limitations and optimize time and resources.

We are proud to enjoy the support of leading scientists, universities, institutions, and associations worldwide, further solidifying our commitment to excellence and innovation in the scientific community.

RefConf distinctive approach is to advance cross-border scientific events through various means, including organizing international conferences, workshops, and other scientific events, proofreading, publishing papers in partner journals, Problem-solving workshops, and offering short-term and mid-term training courses.

Whether you prefer to participate online or in-person, we strive to accommodate your preferences and ensure your convenience.

At RefConf, we firmly believe that success is not a coincidence but a result of dedicated efforts and continuous improvement. Join us as we embark on this journey of discovery and advancement. Follow our updates to stay informed about the latest developments at RefConf.